Zero Gravity Folding Chair Ideas

May 12th
Zero Gravity Folding Chair Twin
Zero Gravity Folding Chair Twin

Zero gravity folding chair – If you have any basic joinery skills under the belt and some extra hours, a folding chair makes a feasible weekend project. This chair requires no screws or nails to mount, yet it is sturdy and attractive. Perfect for camping, the beach or just hanging on the patio, these chairs make a practical complement to all outdoor living space. Do more for extra seating wherever you may need it.


Cut the egg board into two 30-inch long pieces. These pieces slot together to the zero gravity folding chair. Cut a paper tray in the middle. Place the paper plate on one end of one of the plank pieces with the rounded portion toward the end of the board. Trace the contours of the plate on wood with a carpentry pen. Repeat on one end of the second plank piece. The ends of the plate contour are top. The ends without the contour are the bottoms. Find a spot on one of the planks, 12 inches from its bottom. Draw two lines across the shelf, 12 inches from its bottom, spacing 1 cm apart. Repeat on the second plank.

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Connect the two lines to one of the planks in the center of the board using a carpentry pen. Repeat on the second row. Delete that part of the lines following the line that connects them to both planks. These three lines form a sketch for the tracks on the zero gravity folding chair. The tracks will measure 5-inches long, with 1-inch wide. Carefully cut the grooves along the lines with a jigsaw saw. Cut out the contours from the paper plate on the tops of the planks to make the ends rounded.

Cut the planks of planks at a 60 degree angle. This allows the chair to sit flat on a flat surface. Smooth both pieces with 120-grit sandpaper. Pay attention to the areas where you made cuts, remove chips and bumps. Apply a smooth layer of wood stain on the entire chair using a brush. Allow the stain to dry. Apply multiple layers until you reach the desired color. Slide the two slots together. The two angled ends will rest on the ground of the legs, while the rounded ends act as a seat and back. This is the finished chair.

Tips and warnings

Use color instead of stain for a colorful zero gravity folding chair. A folding chair is an interesting and easy way to put seats in a room, but rudimentary it can be. This type of seating is perfect for children and adolescents, as the chairs may not be suitable for heavier adults.

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