Wooden Folding Chairs: Ideal for Any Space

Dec 29th
Wooden Folding Chairs
Wooden Folding Chairs

Wooden folding chairs – In that of needing an extra chair nobody is freed. So, now we are concerned with purchasing folding or stackable chairs that fit in a corner and can get us out of more trouble. In the case of stackable, it must be take into account that they can be use as fix dining chairs. And keep away from the table at any given time according to the space requirements. But what happens when you put the table with the additional chairs include. And are different from the fix ones of the dining room? Do not worry. Mixing styles, shapes and colors around the table is a rising trend .

Folding chairs have the advantage that they are stored without taking up space. Simply place a few hangers on the wall of the laundry, in a passage area or in the kitchen so that they are always ready to be used. They can even become one more decorative element, placing them strategically on the wall next to a picture or a photograph. If you also play with the different heights they hang, you will create a very dynamic effect. In the design of wooden folding chairs seats we find authentic icons that are not out of fashion. Such as the butterfly chair, Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hard, which was inspire by a folding military seat. Used by the English army in the nineteenth century.

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And if we continue to glean in history, we will realize that already in the time of the Egyptians folding stools were use to seat the Pharaoh in their appearances. Although it was the Romans who perfected the folding and transportable seat. A very distant antecedent of the famous chair of director. A classic that reminds us irremediably to the world of cinema but that is a very versatile and durable piece. Dare to play with colors and textures. Then changing your fabric upholstery for leather, velvet or wool.

Wooden folding chairs have always been a challenge for the design of furniture. Historically these chairs were consider a byproduct, intend for punctual use. Without reducing its use to temporary or concrete temporality. The chair has three positions depending on its function: fold facilitates transport and storage. Open features the comfort, ergonomics and quality of a traditional chair. And in its intermediate folding position it is use for large installations as an auditorium. Check our gallery to inspire you.

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