White Lacquer Paint Color Ideas

Dec 13th
White Lacquer Paint Style
White Lacquer Paint Style

White lacquer paint – The lacquer consists of a process in which a piece of furniture is painted with lacquer enamel, which is smooth, has a smooth appearance and can be shiny or glossy. It is a very resistant product over the years and very easy to clean. There are two types of enamel-lacquer: acrylic and polyurethane, and their difference lies in their base, which can be water or synthetic. The latter, polyurethane, needs turpentine for dissolution. So it dries more slowly, gives off odor and is more difficult to apply to the furniture in question. However, it is the most effective and the most perfect; even though in no case will the result resemble the industrial one.

This type of paint can applied indiscriminately on forging or iron furniture, as well as on outdoor or indoor furniture. This is undoubtedly a technique that never goes out of style and that will give a very chic touch to your furniture, especially if you decide for furniture lacquered in white, as this color will always be a safe bet. In addition, white lacquer paint furniture will always make your rooms more luminous and clear.

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What tools and products are needed to get white lacquered furniture? Acrylic lacquer or polyurethane lacquer. Sealant paint. Lacquering roller, which will be of a suitable size to the furniture in question? Brushes and brushes for small touches and reaching the nooks and crannies. Water, solvent or white spirit for the dissolution of the paint. Sanding or fine-grained steel wool. Gloves to protect our hands. Cloths or cotton that does not leave debris. Colorless wax for finishing protection. And what is the process of having white lacquer paint furniture? Undoubtedly, this is a delicate process, as any bad brush can leave undesirable marks that will make it more difficult for your white lacquered furniture to be impeccable, so it is more advisable to use the roller, as it will leave a smooth and smooth finish.

The surface of the furniture should be clean and dry, as well as sanded or repaired in case of imperfections or some small gap. Apply the sealing base to achieve a more homogeneous finish. Sanding gently and do not forget to remove the dust with a cloth that is clean and does not leave any debris. With a specific roller, give two hands of white lacquer-enamel. And do not forget to sand between layer and layer. Apply colorless wax with a brush or cloth. Rub with another clean cloth to polish the furniture.

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