What Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Apr 5th
Zero Gravity Massage Chair Type
Zero Gravity Massage Chair Type

Zero gravity massage chair – We will talk about the zero gravity massage chair. The truth is that this remote controlled chair can perform movements that until now, many other chairs could not do. This massage chair uses rollers and airbags. Also head pads and vibrating surfaces to improve pain and tiredness that may have accumulated. The massage routine lasts for a few minutes, although it is programmable. The model we are talking about is the HT-7450. And it is the first zero gravity massage chair. Although now there are already other manufacturers are offering models of zero gravity chairs.

Anyway, one question that arises is what makes these chairs zero-gravity? Do they give the user a feeling of lightness? Is it simply a marketing strategy? So what is it about zero gravity models? The truth is that it has to do with the reclining position of the chair. The position mimics the posture of astronauts on take-offs during space missions. Having astronauts withstand a sudden and intense rise in gravity while escaping Earth’s gravitational force. It is important to be in the right position to withstand this force. In this reclining position, astronauts distribute stress in their body in a safe way. Zero gravity massage chair can assume the same position to help distribute the user’s weight throughout the chair.

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Manufacturers say that this releases stress in the body and allows for a more elaborate automatic massage. Some of these manufacturers say that this reduction of stress in the body is so effective. It will seem that we lost a lot of weight when finished. While there are several models of zero gravity chair, not all is zero gravity massage chair. Some simply offer the reclining service to the zero gravity position. These chairs or armchairs distribute the weight, but that’s all. The truth is that a benefit of this position is that it improves blood circulation in the legs and reduces swelling in the extremities.

Elevating the legs above the level of the heart during a time of rest, can help to prevent certain problems. As for example the varicose veins. Of course, you can get the same effect by laying down and putting a few cushions under your legs. However it is not as “futuristic” as with the HT-7450 massage chair (or other similar model). At this point, is it worth buying a zero gravity massage chair for what it’s worth and what it offers us? This is a decision that is left to the consumer. Some people think that the effectiveness and comfort of this type of armchair makes the expenditure justifiable. Others still prefer to visit a therapist.

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