What Color Should I Paint My Room for Modern

Nov 5th
What Color Should I Paint My Room Wall
What Color Should I Paint My Room Wall

What color should I paint my room – During the planning of decorating ideas you will want to use for rooms in your home, consider some cool wall painting ideas to add character to your decor. Get a piece of drywall or plywood as practicing your ideas before putting them on your wall to ensure your cool wall painting ideas give the maximum effect. Textured paint has a unique look to it. You can get textured paint that can make your walls look like blue jeans or you can use it to give your walls the look and feel of being made of woven fabric.

If you like the popcorn ceiling look of your attic, then textured paint lets you try it on your walls as well. You can also make your walls look like we made of metal, glass or other interesting appearance. Take some time to discuss textured paint with your local home improvement store and find out if the store offers classes on applying textured paint. A mural can give a unique and cool look to the walls of any what color should I paint my room. Find your favorite nighttime ocean wave scene and paint it on your walls to give the mood to your room.

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There are two ways you can get paintings painted on your room walls. You can hire a professional to paint the painting for you or you can take the picture you want painted as a mural to a copy center and make it made in a transparency. Then rent or borrow an overhead projector and project the image to the size you want on your wall. Sketch the image with a pencil and write in the color for each section so you know what colors to use. Do not limit a mural to just one wall. Consider having your mural wrap around in the room on two or more walls for extra power.

If you have a theme in mind to your room, accent that theme with a color scheme for your what color should I paint my room walls. For example, if you want to put your room to your favorite sports team, paint the walls in the colors of your team. You can also use the mural idea to paint a large version of your favorite logo on your wall, as well. You can create themes in your rooms just by using different mural ideas. Paint your walls sky blue, add some white clouds and put in a bird or two to give the appearance of being outside. If you have a love for the beach, paint a beach scene on your walls or paint a tropical island.

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