What Color Should I Paint My House for Best

Jun 17th
What Color Should I Paint My House Style
What Color Should I Paint My House Style

What color should I paint my house – Chrome therapy is about learning to use colors therapeutically? Each color has specific characteristics and healing properties that make it ideal for each person and each circumstance. What color should I paint my house for best? White, neutral color conveys purity and luminosity. Yellow, a very clean and balancing color. Ideal for enhancing intellectual work, as it facilitates concentration and improves reflexes. It also has antidepressant effects and is related to the digestive system. And orange, color that enhances creativity, extroversion and optimism. It is a very energetic color and it contributes heat, which makes it a good color for spaces too cold.

What color should I paint my house for best? Red, the most stimulating and energetic color, potentiate of the blood circulation. It is ideal in cases of apathy, anemia, and cold, problems of frigidity and sterility or hypertension. Very positive if used correctly, but can also be very harmful if we use it in the wrong place, as it can also increase aggressiveness and irritation, or worsen cases of inflammation and pain. Blue, unlike red, blue is a refreshing and relaxing color, very suitable for rooms that are too hot. It is a spiritual color and anti-inflammatory.

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And also green, the color of nature is the most balanced, brings us harmony. It strengthens cellular regeneration and helps us fight stress and fatigue. In addition, it is the color of the liver. Turquoise, this combination of blue and green helps us strengthen the immune system and brings family serenity. And violet, it is the most spiritual color, which increases intuition. It also has relaxing effects thanks to its blue content.

What color should I paint my house for best? For example the bedroom, the color of the bedroom is very important, as we spend many hours every day. Color must have two main objectives. Promote relaxation and rest. Help balance the relationship of the couple. In general we will prioritize the refreshing colors, although we will always take into account the personality of each one. Although red is the color of sensuality, we will avoid painting the walls of this color as it can promote discussions. Instead, we will choose soft tones such as violet or blue, both very relaxing, and we can put some decorative details of other colors depending on the effects we want to enhance. For example, if the couple suffers from frigidity problems we will opt for violet walls and orange or red decoration.

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