Very Flexible Rolled Rubber Flooring

Sep 30th
Rolled Rubber Flooring Indoor
Rolled Rubber Flooring Indoor

Rolled rubber flooring – Among the many options you will find regarding color and texture. Rubber floors can be distinguish between: Linoleum floors,made with linseed oil, organic putties, wood fibers and also minerals. Very flexible, non-slip, very resistant, antimicrobial and also anti-static. Resistant and thermal and also acoustic insulation. Available in rolls or tiles. Ideal for work and hospital use, and also for children’s rooms or nurseries.

Vinyl floors: made with PVC worked with other components, depending on the aspect to be achieve. Very flexible, resistant and more fluffy texture. They are ideal for games and children’s rooms. Rolled rubber flooring: very flexible, resistant to rubbing. And good thermal and acoustic insulation. Depending on the finish sought, they can be non-slip, anti-static and of a firm or soft texture.

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Rolled rubber flooring is also a floor of excellent thermal insulation. Never heated too much or cooled in extreme. It has anti-static qualities. Being ideal for hospital areas or rooms with many electronic devices. It is also possible to be place in all types of environments, regardless of temperature and humidity level, such as kitchens, bathrooms, rooms, and school classrooms, commercial stores, even in outdoor areas such as patios, roofs and porches. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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