Ultimate Ideas Basement Window Well Covers

Feb 9th
diy basement window well covers
diy basement window well covers

Basement window well covers may be constructed of lattice and is used as a gazebo in miniature. Opt for plastic lattice instead of wood to prevent termites that appeal, which will be distributed to your home. Build the network, using plastic material lattice frame. Make a three-sided box that fits over the top of the window well and stand 2 to 3 feet high, depending on the amount of space you have. Train a pot or honeysuckle vine growing on the side of the network, keeping the pot in the window well hidden inside the box lattice.

If you must use a clear plastic bubble style somewhat generic basement window well covers, let the plastic cover act like a greenhouse to your herb garden. This works best if your window well is situated on a south-facing in the Northern hemisphere and receives a lot of sunlight through the wall later.

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Last but not least, you might consider making a DIY basement window well covers and wooden window. Structurally, it should be similar to the old-fashioned wooden basement door. Build your window and cover with a lid tilted so it can be opened for ventilation if necessary.

Choosing Basement Window Well Covers

The basement window well covers are components that are used to secure and protect areas of the windows that are at ground level, particularly in the basement. The owners install these covers on the outside of the window and into the pit around it to keep leaves, dirt, water and debris from entering the well and damaging the window. These covers can also prevent animals and insects build nests in the well. To choose the best cover, consider factors such as size, design, appearance and installation requirements.

Basement window well covers compare the notorious covered with discrete. The designs of the notorious include circular or bubble forms and are intended to windows that extend above the ground or on the height of the well. Discrete roofs are flat and should be used in windows that do not exceed the height of the well.

Looking for the best deck for your basement window well covers. This is based on both the shape of the window as in the well and can be rounded, elongated (U-shaped) or rectangular. If you have a rectangular window with a round hole, look for a cover that has a combined form so that it suits the settings you.

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