Tools for Cleaning Wood Window Blinds

Nov 24th
Nice Wood Window Blinds
Nice Wood Window Blinds

Wooden blinds give a simple but elegant decor of your home, while regulates how much light enters a room touch. There are some special considerations when planning to clean wood window blinds as wood does not react well to moisture and may crack and deform when wet. Cracked wood blinds also catch more dust and dirt. There are some tools that you can test your wood blinds for cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can do a job efficiently cleaning your wood window blinds. The brush just contact with the surface of the blinds, so there is little chance of damaging them, and can remove dirt in hard to reach areas. Aspires blinds in open positions and closed carefully, so that you avoid sucking strings where individual sheets of the shutters are fastened.

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An adhesive fabric is a cleaning cloth that has been treated to have a slightly tacky surface. It is made to remove debris such as dust or sawdust flat surfaces. While many workers wear antistatic timber for preparing a wood surface to varnish cloth, you can also use it to remove dust from wood window blinds. Test on a small area first to make sure the blinds fabric that does not remove the varnish.

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