To Install Pebble Stone Shower Floor

Oct 15th
Top Pebble Stone Shower Floor
Top Pebble Stone Shower Floor

Pebble stone shower floor – Various methods for fixing a stone shower floor has evolved over time. Today’s setter tile is inclined often shower floor with concrete, plaster or mortar is mixed, and return the next day to install materials for stone or ceramic. One of the oldest and least practiced methods is to install mortar bed and stone in one application. The obvious advantage of this method is that it eliminates a trip back to put stones, leaving only the grouting process to complete. This method works with stone or ceramic tiles.

How to install pebble stone shower floor, find a suitable area to mix the mud. An ideal location is on a concrete surface such as a driveway or access the slab. Sweeping the area to remove excessive debris. If there is no suitable area, spread a large tarp or spend a few sheets of plywood to mix the material. Empty buckets of sand in a pile.

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After that to install pebble stone shower floor, add water to the mixture. Then use a water hose with attached spray nozzle or a few buckets of water and a sponge to add the water. The idea is to sprinkle water on top of the pile while mixing continuously. Add water in small doses too much will damage the mixture. Spread the mixture in the shower floor area. Use a notched trowel, compact the mixture into the shape and the slope required for the shower floor. The floor should taper down towards the drain, so it will not hold water puddles during use.

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