Tips Installing Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Sep 29th
Marble Mosaic Floor Tile Stone
Marble Mosaic Floor Tile Stone

Marble Mosaic Floor Tile – Due to the nature of the cement and the pigments, these mosaics may have small differences in colors and variation of tones. We recommend that before mixing, mosaics of different boxes are mixing to balance the differences in color and tone. When they are removed from their boxes, some mosaics may have a white surface residue. Called cement efflorescence, which is nothing more than mineral salts of the same cement.

These minerals can be removing during the cleaning and polishing process after installation. Sealing marble mosaic floor tile generally inhibit efflorescence from returning. As the installation conditions vary, the installer is responsible for ensuring that their floors are properly installing and sealing. When installing the floor, be sure to do on a flat, level, stable cement foundation that has already been the cure. It is very important that the base has been the cure before installing the floor. That is, it is not very new since the moisture of the base and mineral salts could surface and cause efflorescence on the mosaic surface.

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As indicated above, these minerals are removing in the process of cleaning and polishing the marble mosaic floor tile. To prevent cracking or cracking caused by the movement of the substrate or soil itself. Be sure to include a small perimeter for expansion. Contraction, insulation, of the tiles where necessary. Consult your architect or engineer.

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