Tips Install Eno Double Deluxe Hammock

Feb 25th
Eno Double Deluxe Hammock Suspension
Eno Double Deluxe Hammock Suspension

Eno Double Deluxe Hammock – Install one in your outdoor area and enjoy the fresh air and good weather lying in a classic hammock. A type of seat very decorative and traditional. Whose installation is very simple and that you can have at a very economical price. The first thing is to find the ideal place to place it, either between two trees or two walls. At the time of selecting it to try to have at least a distance of 3 meters, and if there is more. The ropes should be placed somewhat higher so that the hammock can be warped well. If the place where you want to put the hammock has more distance.

Keep in mind that for each meter of more, the installation will be placed about 5 centimeters higher. Let’s see how to calculate the distance to which to place the eno double deluxe hammock. It is a simple formula. The clamping height (y) should correspond approximately to half the clamping distance (x). Thus, the formula would be Y = x / 2. As far as the separation of the hammock to the ground, we recommend between 20 and 40 centimeters of distance. It does not serve you any rope, especially if you are going to tie it to a trunk since it must resist weight and movement. In AKI you can find special ropes to hang hammocks with the great resistance of up to 500 kg.

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And that comes with their carabineers for an easy installation. If instead of a tree you want to place an eno double deluxe hammock between two walls. You must nail two hook-type fasteners on the walls or pillars. The most recommended are that these walls are made of plaster or concrete. However, if you want to place the hammock on one or several walls. You will only need a drill with appropriate drills to pierce the material of which it is made. Once the gaps are made, a spike and a hook or washer of great resistance are placed to assure that it maintains the weight of an adult.

So simple is to hang it, a comfortable, traditional and very summery type of seat. That will certainly look good on your porch, terrace or garden. Putting an eno double deluxe hammock in a living room is not as strange as it may seem since one of the advantages of this type of seating. Is that they can be folded and unfolded so they do not take up space. To do this, only one end of the hammock should be placed with a carabineer. So that they can be removed and put both ends in the same trunk or wall.

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