The Purpose of Decorative Cardboard Boxes

Nov 14th
Red Decorative Cardboard Boxes
Red Decorative Cardboard Boxes

Decorative cardboard boxes – The American Forest and Paper Association estimates that 95 percent of all products shipped in the United States is packaged in cartons. More than 80% of the boxes used are recycled, while the remaining boxes clog our landfills. Be creative with cardboard boxes. They have many different uses that give them new life and help the environment at the same time.

Decorative cardboard boxes are the perfect creative outlet for children. Cut a door and some windows and get to work with colorful paint for the perfect house or doll house. With a little imagination, larger cardboard boxes can become castles, fire trucks or boats. Use cardboard boxes of medium to a train, or stack several to a skyscraper. Never lose your page when reading a new book. Cut rectangles of the front of cereal boxes colorful approximately 6 inches long by 1 inch wide. Holes in the top and put a length of ribbon or string through them to make instant markers.

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Start a compost pile with a decorative cardboard boxes for the garden. Not only will you love your plants, but the board itself will eventually deteriorate and become part of the compost. Truly it is recycling at its best. Use several cartons to organize small tools in the garage, or online with garbage bags and use them as containers for storing sand and rock salt in the winter. If your yard is sloped, cut large squares of corrugated cardboard and let children use them as sleds to slide down the hill.

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