Tentsile Hammock: Fun for Traveling

Feb 11th
Tentsile Hammock
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Tentsile hammock are a resistant interwoven that is use in the form of hanging. But everything is used to become a means of rest and sleep for their owners. The hammocks have an origin of manufacture within the Central American indigenous peoples . And such is their use that has been market throughout the world. Although the materials of manufacture over time did not vary the technique of the fabric if. Giving different designs to the hammocks, recently the most common are the totally flat hammocks. Use in the North American beaches. There are Hispanic regions where chinchorro and hamaca do not symbolize as synonyms.

Because for these inhabitants the chinchorro is when it has a large interwoven which gives it an elastic and open appearance. While the hammock is one that is create of cloth . It is totally rigid and straight . The method most used to achieve the fabric of a hammock is the technique of gut, caireles and mesh. The person who discover that the natives slept among these tissues was Columbus after his trip to America . Who was surprise by the novel way of sleeping and took some copies for the Spanish region. Thus starting the marketing of the tentsile hammock in the world.

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The hammock characterizes the relaxed life sensation of Latin America as hardly another object does it as some other one may have know it in the Caribbean, Brazil or Mexico. As shown by this miniature pure gold hammock find in the Bogota Gold Museum, the origin of the hammock lies in the Indians of Central and South America. The natives know from the beginning what they had when they call it “the cradle of the gods”.  The first hammocks were create with the bark of the Hamack tree. For this reason the word “hamaca” is attribute to that etymological origin.

Columbus discovered the hammock in the Bahamas, where on October 17, 1492. Only five days after his arrival. He note with surprise in his notes that “people slept in hammocks among the trees”. He brought the hammock with him to Europe, where he was later use and highly value by sailors. Instead of having to sleep on the damp, hard, dirt-filled, bug-ridden ground. The laid sailors could lie down on the tentsile hammock and be doze by the rocking of the boat. Today the hammock is a utensil highly appreciate by children, couples, families, travelers and therapists.

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