Swinging On the Special Yoga Hammock

Dec 28th
Yoga Hammock
Yoga Hammock

Yoga hammock – Yoga flying is a combination of yoga and also pilates. And also dancing with the use of a special silk hammock to bring to the trainee a new, exciting experience. Yoga fly (yoga or non-gravity) was create by Christopher Harrison in the mid-1990s. So far, it has been popular in more than 30 countries around the world. Especially in European countries and rapidly spreading. Become the trend of youth in Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia . This subject is love not only for the health benefits but also for the enjoyable experience. The stress a little bit when the body is relax, swinging on the special hammock.

The hammock can withstand a maximum of 300 kg of gravity. Then, install on a dedicate system that can ensure the safety of the trainee. The length of the cord can be adjust to fit the person.  The colorful silk strands are fix on the ceiling. And then, 1 meter above the ground to make a flying sensation. For the practitioner when hanging up in the air or turning his head to the ground. With flying yoga, the body must work continuously, bent to the ground, moving in the air. This helps the practitioner to overcome fear, strengthen the nervous system, strengthen balance and also control the body.

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Yoga Aerial is also know as Yoga Fly. These are the yoga postures that are perform when hanging in the air. And also acrobatics by means of a yoga hammock. Not only does it provide a strong, stimulating feeling. It also helps the body to have a perfect body and other unexpected health benefits. Yoga Aerial was develop around the world about 8 years ago in New York. And is love by many, many of whom are celebrities. Basically, Yoga Bay requires the practitioner to perform yoga postures. When hanging in the air with a hammock (which can withstand loads up to 300 kg).

Practitioners are require to operate continuously in the state of climbing on high. Then, using much upper body, arms and abdominal force to maintain balance for the body. Its effect is to help you overcome fear, increase stamina. Also balance and control your body through burning fat, effectively firming your muscles. As a beginner, the practitioner may feel a little nervous. However, the yoga hammock has been design to ensure maximum safety. Also easily adjust for each posture of the practice. The feeling of thrill will quickly pass. Instead it is the excitement and happiness when you overcome the challenge to create beautiful, artistic yoga posture.

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