Super Relaxing Zero Gravity Bed Position

Jan 7th
Zero Gravity Bed Position
Zero Gravity Bed Position

Zero gravity bed position – The introduction of massage chairs is not as gravity as a new breeze blowing cool spirit. Making the pressure on the spine reduces and provides the ideal massage materials. Taking the Nasa idea of ​​relieving tension. And pressure on the spine of the astronauts when taking off. Many massage chair manufacturers use this technology in their products. Dedicate to Customers have the best back and also spine problems. The chair by scientists from Cambridge, England will make you feel relaxed like in a gravitational environment. Even sitting in front of the computer for hours. However, to own this “paradise” chair, you have to spend up to 26,000 dollars (more than half a billion).

You know, in a gravitational environment, natural pressure exerts a force on the spine and vertebrae. At this time, using non-gravity massage chairs effect the body weight is divided equally on the body parts. From which the massage process better, professional and excellent. Taking advantage of this superior feature. Also the manufacturers have successfully built the Tokuyo TC 711 body massage chair. With two non zero gravity bed position massage modes to give you a comfortable moment, dispel fatigue after hours, work stress. About the office or those who often have to sit in front of the computer for many hours a day or feel tired, aching back, limbs. If for a long time can suffer from spinal diseases…. Then this is due in part to the misuse and the quality of the chair used.

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To bring comfort and convenience to the people, scientists have invent a special type of chair call with “paradise”. Or are referred to as “chair without gravity”. Call with “zero gravity chair,” many people may mistakenly believe that this chair can create a gravity-defying environment in the spaceship. In fact, it is not possible to create a zero-gravity environment in offices. In fact, the scientists designed the shape of the chair to embrace the user’s body. The entire chassis is made of carbon fiber, aluminum with soft leather, luxurious.

The zero gravity bed position can recognize. And move in the direction of movement of the body with a special joint does not create friction. Giving the feeling of a very smooth breeze, making you feel like floating. On the air! The chair also allows users to customize the direction of sitting. Even leaning back to sleep. Dr. David Wicket, the inventor of the “paradise” chair. And his colleagues have adopted an algorithm to create motion control technology for the chair. However, at a cost of up to $ 26,000. This is a real problem for many people who want to access this modern chair.

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