Super Cool Cacoon Hammock

Feb 13th
Single Cacoon Hammock
Single Cacoon Hammock

Cacoon hammock – How lazy to write today’s post with what I was testing the new Cacoon! Come on, trying … fairing, rather checking. It was mostly worked. Analysis of the product to be able to count it. And is that today we would like to focus our attention on a fantastic gift with which there will be a before and after in the world of relaxation in your home. We talked about the hammock Cacoon. The only one that creates a world of its own in which to isolate and snuggle without ceasing to perceive the nature that surrounds you. And you can do it alone or in company.

Cacoon is a great gift, and like all geniuses came out of a simple but inspired idea. Nick and Sarah, a Canadian couple dedicated to making furniture, sails, and fabrics for ocean yachts who loves to travel, have chosen Mexico as their vacation destination. There, the hanging nests of a colony of weaver birds inspired them to create a place where they could hide, protect themselves, feel comfortable and relaxed. And that is precisely Cacoon, a return to the nest.

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What materials cacoon hammock is made? As it has been design by expert professionals in fabric for boats on the high seas it is very resistant to the intemperate. For their manufacture they have mixed cotton. And polyester in order to preserve the soft feel of the natural canvas and to be very resistant. In addition, it is treat with anti-mold, UV protection and water resistance. Of course, to enjoy it does not need to be an expert in anything and is very easy to hang, to use, to clean and not to say to dry. Remove the ring, put it in the washing machine in a cold cycle without bleach, remove it, put on the ring, hang it and let it dry to maintain its shape.

Another option is to wash it while it is hanging with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water. And ready! Surely you will be saying. Yes, very interesting but it is a bit expensive. Okay, a bit yes, but it’s worth it.  Besides resistant it is multifaceted and is the only one that you can take advantage of both summer and winter. In the garden of house or the terrace is a pasada and remains of the most chic. What are you on asphalt and you do not have a garden? Inside the house can also be hanging and creates a unique atmosphere. If at home there are children … Forget, that the cacoon hammock already has location, Who wants a house in a tree can have this?

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