Styles Exterior Window Shutters

Apr 1st
Exterior Window Shutters
Exterior Window Shutters

While the blinds and curtains kept at bay outside, exterior shutters keep the sun off. They also help protect the window during heavy storms and hurricanes. Various configurations of exterior window shutters are available in different colors. These options help you to complement the blinds with colors and aesthetics of the house.

The rolling exterior window shutters are made of weather-resistant fabric, vinyl or wood and stored around a central core. The core is wound up or down by using either one or pull cord, in the case of an automatic system, a remote control. The tones are also customizable, available in cool colors and warm, neutral and dark, red and even purple green.

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Used both outdoors and indoors, roman blinds exterior window shutters are similar to the Rolling except as set out in the top creating a decorative effect rather than wound on a core. As the roller, Roman are available in various colors ranging from reflective white cream and light to dark green, brown and even black beige. Roman blinds have the same problems as the roller but also retain water in the folds that form when not covering the window. If left, this water can create patches of mold on the blinds.

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