DIY Spray Paint Wicker Basket

Feb 10th
Traditional Spray Paint Wicker Basket
Traditional Spray Paint Wicker Basket

Spray paint wicker basket – We have the house full of baskets of wicker and we have decided to renew them only changing the color of the same ones. They are everywhere: in the living room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedrooms. We were not even aware of how many wicker baskets we had been buying in the last few years! For that, we have decided to update its appearance and thus, incidentally, we give a new air to the decoration, changing only small details. We have tried 3 different ways to paint the wicker, although we are sure that there is more, because we already know that “every teacher has his book.” In fact, we have seen the technique of painting by immersion, but personally we find it a little cumbersome. But in this post will telling about spray paint.

In any case the first thing that we have to do is to clean very well the dust of our basket of wicker. You can do it with a brush and a rag or a vacuum cleaner. If you have a stain, you can clean it with a soap solution, but remember that before you start painting it is important that the wicker is completely dry (if it will not retain the moisture of the paint itself). Before launching we to use spray paint wicker basket, some previous recommendations. Always use this paint in ventilated places and it is advisable to use a mask to avoid toxicity. Protect very well with plastics or paper the place where you go to work. On more than one occasion we have had the surprise of finding spray paint on a wall or nearby furniture.

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It is always necessary to guitar vigorously the boat before using it.  Apply spray paint wicker basket at a distance of approximately 20 cm. We will cross crosses, horizontally and then vertically. Do not try to cover everything at once. It is better several thin layers of paint than a thick one, thus avoiding the imperfections and accumulations of painting.  If we want to paint our basket in several colors we will cover with paper and tape of bodywork the zone that we do not want to paint. Once the paint dries we proceed to the removal of the tape and we will get our wicker basket in colors. With two layers of spray paint we have perfectly covered the entire surface. Now let’s decorate with napkin decoupage.

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