Sponge Painting Walls Design Ideas

Nov 28th
Top Sponge Painting Walls
Top Sponge Painting Walls

Sponge painting walls – spring is between us and it’s time to do a thorough cleaning, redecorate and leave our perfect home to enjoy the beginning of each season. If your walls need a face-lift or you have tired of their appearance it is the ideal time to do so. Within the thousands of options that exist it is possible to emphasize the technique of the sponge. The main advantage is that you can do it yourself economically and get a spectacular result. In addition, very different results can be obtained depending on the application. You will get the best result using a natural sponge.

Ideas for sponge painting walls. There are different techniques to paint the walls and give a modern and textured touch to your walls. In this article we show you how to paint the walls with a sponge. And you will see that it is a technique very similar to that of the rag because in neither technique are used brushes or rollers. The first thing you have to do is clean the walls with a clean rag to remove the dust and that in painting there are no fluff stuck in them.

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Next you have to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands and arms. As well as wearing old clothes, because not being professional even if you are very careful, you may notice. Putting old clothes and comfortable to paint, if you stain will not know badly. The next step is to prepare the walls and the room you want to sponge painting walls. For this you have to remove the furniture and / or cover them to not stain them. As well as putting tape on the frames of the windows, doors and skirting boards. To cover the floor uses newsprint.

When you have the room in the best conditions to work comfortably and without being able to stain anything. And you have to pour the paint in a bucket and remove it so that it remains all the same (its components are well mixed). Then you have to wet the sponge in the paint and when it is well soaked. And you have to paint the walls from the outside and occasionally punch in a single place at random. Remember that you have to go wetting the sponge in the bucket to soak it in paint. When you have the walls painted, you will see that you have a very funny pattern, as if you had painted clouds on the walls.

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