Special Safety Backseat Dog Hammock

Nov 7th
Used Backseat Dog Hammock
Used Backseat Dog Hammock

Backseat dog hammock – There is no legislation when it comes to transporting pets in the car. However, loose pets in the car can be dangerous to the car’s passengers in a collision. The animal may also be injure if it is not secure in cages or harness. There are no legal requirements for transporting pets in the car in Denmark. However, it can have serious consequences for both humans and animals to stop spotting pets in the car. In a collision, the pet can be thrown through the car’s cabin and seriously injure both the self and the car’s other passengers.

If the dog is place in a dog cage, it is safest for the dog if the dog cage is sideways so that the dog’s body turns across the car’s direction of travel. Instead, if the dog cage turns such that the head or back of the dog is in the driving direction of the car, there is a greater risk of injury to the back or head. However, not all dog cages can be mount sideways. Smaller pets such as birds, guinea pigs and rabbits should also be transport in special transport backseat dog hammock that are tied up so that they cannot harm the other passengers in collisions.

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Also make sure that there is enough room around the cage so that the pet has some air around it.  Dogs secured with dog safety belts must be place on the rear seat. This avoids the collision of the dog from the front of the front. If you have a car where it is possible to mount a dog dog that the dog can sit behind, it is a safe, sensible solution. However, only cars are in the car and not the dog itself, which is secure by lattice during a collision.

There may be special rules for transporting pets in other countries. Therefore, check the rules before you leave. In Sweden, the pet must be secure while driving. For example by using a transport cage or special backseat dog hammock belt. If you carry the dog or the cat in a cage, there is a requirement for the size of the cage. And it may result in a fine if the cage is too small. The rules also apply even if you are just on a transit trip to, for example, Bornholm. In Germany, animals are consider as transport of goods. And they must therefore be secure safely while driving. Failure to comply can result in a fine.

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