Setting Adirondack Lounge Chairs

Jan 17th
Adirondack Lounge Chairs Wooden
Adirondack Lounge Chairs Wooden

Adirondack lounge chairs can be a nice addition to a patio, but these chairs can also be kind of expensive to buy. Building a patio chaise long chair requires some hard work, but it can save a person a lot of money.


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Select the right type of wood. I usually stand up better with the elements. Teak can be used as well as long weather. Cherry and maple are two other types of hardwood that can be used to build an Adirondack lounge chairs. Use a pen and tape measure to measure the length of wood. Cut pieces of wood that will be used for chaise long chair. The base in the lounge needs two 2×4 boards. These boards should be about half a meter long. When cutting boards for the back frame, cut two 2×4 boards that measures about four inches long. The pieces that go along the back of the chair should be about six inches long, but they could be cut to be longer. This will make a wider chair. It is best to sand and dye this wood before the patio chaise longue chair is mounted.

When cutting a wooden stick, make sure that it is the same length as the wood that goes on the back of the chair and then lay approximately four inches wide to match up with 2×4 boards. The pieces that will be pressed should use 1×2 woods. Repeat this process with the four 1×3 boards. These boards will be used for the seat. Make support for the backrest. The carriers should be of the same length as the longest leg of a right-hand triangle and must start from where the base of the backrest begins. Take two 1×2 boards and cut them from about four inches behind the backrest that reaches the end of the frame of the seat. Cut half-circles in these boards with a few inches. These holes will be used to set how the Adirondack lounge chairs recline.

Make your legs with four 2×4 boards. The height at which they are cut depends on the preference of the builder. Two armrests should also be cut about 18 inches long. Two vertical pieces must also be cut that will determine how high the Armrests are. Adirondack lounge chairs usually have quite high armrests. Screw holes must be drilled to attach the vertical and horizontal pieces. Drill and screw the end pieces for the two frame sections into 2×4 frame pieces on each side. Then drill and screw in the legs in the frame of the seat. Screw the seat as well as the backrest to the frame. Drill a one-inch wooden stick hole on the backside of the crossing and nail back the seats to the seat. Use plugs to attach the backrests.

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