Rustic Red Paint for Kitchen

Jul 15th
Traditional Rustic Red Paint
Traditional Rustic Red Paint

Rustic red paint – Red suggests fire, hot and spicy, making it an appropriate choice for kitchen wall paint. Red is also a versatile color that wakes traditional decor styles from a wide variety of different cultures. From rustic to formal, there is a perfect shadow to create the red kitchen your fantasies. And also you can capture the earthly feel of a traditional southwest kitchen by painting the walls an Adobe red. Rust red and turquoise is a combination inspired by Navajo rugs and Native American jewelry. Crime provides a calming, neutral accent color that helps integrate this bold duo. Milk paint mimics washy appearance of pigment on plaster walls. It is also an ideal choice for an environmentally friendly kitchen design project; it is not releasing vapors or chemicals.

Ideas for rustic red paint, black and white are classic retro decor colors. While red is often used as an accent color, including about bar stools and decorative accessories, you can take this look to the next level with cherry red walls. Play the 1950s the taste of your red kitchen with shining chrome appliances and other vintage reproduction pieces. Red and black is an iconic combination in Asian decor. And then you can capture the appearance of red cinnabar lacquer by painting a wall in a blank red-orange paint and finishing the wall with an antique glaze. Tint the glaze with black and rub it into the walls with a cloth, remove excess glaze with a clean cloth to achieve the desired age. For a dramatic touch, paint cabinets and woodwork with black semi-gloss paint.

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Rustic red paint to create the warm look of a rustic Tuscan farmhouse with red walls. Tuscan red wines run color range from dark roasted oranges to deep terracotta, although everyone has a groundnut shade in common. The faux finish technique color wash apply a glaze of colors in wide, overlapping brush strokes suggests the appearance of old plaster walls. Give room options in your Tuscan kitchen as guests will gravitate towards this welcoming room.

Accent wall with rustic red paint. A red accent wall provides a solution if you want some red in your kitchen, but do not want to overwhelm a small space with such a bold color. Tape around the wall thoroughly with the low-tack painter’s tape for the cleanest edge. Red is such a bold color that all errors will show.

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