Why Should Have Rubber Mats for Gym

Oct 15th
Floor Mat Gym
Floor Mat Gym

Rubber mats for gym – Are you looking for the right flooring for your gym room or sport center? You should make sure that you find the best flooring option which can avoids slippery and also protect your floor from dust and dirt. You can consider to have rubber mats flooring for this room.

Rubber mats for gym were initially designed for the animal husbandry industry  such as horses, cows, etc. The floors were used to help protect livestock from the cold ground and from slips and falls. These types of rubber mats are quite durable – after all – they are required to withstand the abuse of 1000 pounds weight over the floor. It is pretty excellent.

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If now you are considering to have rubber mats for gym, you should consider many things. First, it is about thickness. Rubber mats generally consist of a very dense rubber that is 3/8 “, 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick. These types of flooring are solid black in color. Rubber mats for weight rooms are also available in thinner gauges but their uses are usually for under machines. For your gym room, it is recommended that the 3/4” thick mats be used. The price will be different for different thickness.

Beside considering about thickness, you also should consider well about the material. You may wish to stay away from the mats that consist of 100% recycled rubber. They tend to emit an odor that becomes quite strong – especially in an enclosed area like a gym. You can save few dollars with this mat.

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