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Removing Ceramic Floor Tile – If you need to remove ceramic tile floors, you have a hard work ahead. Because this is a great job, you can choose to hire professionals. You can, however, take on the work yourself with a little careful preparation and hard work.

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Prepare the room / area for the removing ceramic floor tile. The removal process will create a lot of fine dust that will float under the doors, and drift and settle down wherever you can. Plastic Sheets Put tape on the doors and vents, towels shove under the doors, and any other area where the dust can drift and settle. Protect yourself with a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed shoes, a dust mask, gloves and goggles. When removing ceramic tiles, it creates a lot of dust and small pieces of ceramic lift air.

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Start chipping to removing ceramic floor tile with a hammer and chisel in a grout seam between two tiles. Because this job requires a lot of time and energy, you can choose to buy, borrow or rent a chisel power. A drastic amount of free time is cut from this type of project. Smaller jobs, however, can usually be complete with a hammer and a chisel. Continue skipping away the tile, grout, and adhesive until all tiles are remove. Clean broken tiles and dust with a shovel, broom and dustpan, and / or tent-vac. Before starting this project, think about how you will have the tiles. A lot of tiles might require renting a garbage container or other special disposal method. Chip and scrape any remaining adhesive and floor grout.