Relaxing and Comfortable Cat Hammock with Stand

Jan 15th
Wooden Cat Hammock with Stand
Wooden Cat Hammock with Stand

Cat hammock with stand – Everyone who has taken a nap in a hammock knows how nice they are and how comfortable you are in them. It’s a pleasure to be gently swaying while you relax. Same as relaxing and comfortable that is for you, it is for your pet. That’s why we bring you special hammocks for cats. They will not want to get out of them. They also have a nice design to bring some style to home. With this hammock they will be warm all day. Cats are often adventurous animals. They like to climb trees and walk through terraces or roofs. But they also know how to give themselves long moments of rest and rest in home.

If you are one of those who want to accompany you in their states of stillness, since its proximity makes you happy and well, you can learn here an original idea to make a comfortable gift that also adds a bohemian style to your surroundings. From crochet technique you can build a cat hammock with stand to make your breaks even more comfortable. In addition, you can hang it under your chair so that your movement moves it lightly, while you continue to perform your daily activities on table.  Take measure of base of chair where you want to hang hammock.

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Then move that measurement to batten and cut it with saw. Two rods of same size must remain. That will serve as support. With drill, drill both ends of each batten and pass thread of one of balls you have, in shape of a triangle, as you can see in photograph. This will allow hammock to have two positions and can hang from both chair and a table or shelf.  Create edges of central part with a flat knot. You will need four ropes, so you should start by passing them through one of wooden slats.

Finish by passing thread that you have in hand of ball inside triangle that you have formed holding apex with your finger, and knot well. Repeat above procedure until desired length is reached. Twist all of strands into hole in other batten and cut remaining cord.  Repeat entire process with another cord that joins other two holes of your wooden slats.  Now, to create central part of cat hammock with stand, hang structure on wall to work vertically. Cut pieces of yarn four times length you want to have your hammock, and attach them to ribbon

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