Putting Bay Window Curtain Rod

Dec 7th
Modern bay window curtain rod
Modern bay window curtain rod

Bay window curtain rod – If you are looking for a way to convert the bay window in a cozy corner, installing curtain rods and window curtains. You can install a traditional curtain bar just about every window or a curtain rod bay window longer on all the windows, depending on the look you want. Use a curtain rod bay window to create single loot or complete wall panels on the whole. If you use traditional curtain rods, auctions at the end of the bars should be small enough to fit in the space provided. Measure 4 inches above the window with a tape measure. Measuring 3 inches from the outside of one of the outer windows. Mark the point with a pencil. Place the corresponding outer support in place. Drill holes in the wall in the right positions for support. Use screws and a screwdriver or drill with a drill to screw the wall bracket.

Repeat the process along the outer edge of the window bay opposite on the other side of the set. Measure 4 inches above the middle window. Find the center point between the first and second window. Mark with a pencil. Drill a hole. Screw the rod holder on the wall. Repeat the process between the second and third window, if you are using a bay window curtain rod. If you are using a traditional curtain rod, mark the center.

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Measure the length of the closing of the curtain rod. Add 1/4 inch to the measurement. Measure the distance from the center mark. Mark with a pencil. Drill holes in his support. Screw the bracket on the wall. Repeat the process for the media in the next window. Place the bar Board by the manufacturer’s instructions. Install the tension pulley cable following the manufacturer’s instructions, if needed. Slip drapes or curtains on the rod in your favorite style for the type of curtain or curtain. Hang the bay window curtain rod on the brackets and supports.

Hanging Bay Window Curtain Rod

Bay window curtain rod – Installing it a simple task that requires no special tools or advanced skills. Installation can be done in under an hour even a novice do-it-yourselfer. Decide where you will place the curtain rod relative to the top of the window. Weak mark the location of a side mounting bracket on the wall with a pencil. Measuring the distance from the top of the window frame and to the mark from the side of the window frame to the mark.

Locate and identify the left, right and center rods. Arrange bay window curtain rod components on a flat surface, and they will be installed over the window, with the appropriate mounting bracket in place. Drill horizontal holes through each screw hole mark on the window frame or wall. Install a central hinge plate only by fitting the holder holes the holes in the wall or window frame. Repeat to install the other central hinge bracket. Install the outer bracket in the same way.

Wire or otherwise suspend the curtains on bay window curtain rod. Position the holes at the ends of the central rod on the hinge-pins on the central mounting brackets. Position the holes in the central ends of sidebars on the hinge pins and hang the outer ends of the rods on the outer mounting brackets.

Affordable Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay window curtain rods – Bay windows add to the design of all rooms and plenty of light. However, these windows can be a challenge when trying to find curtain rods that fit. Bay windows normally consist of three large windows inside a three-walled bay with the window in the middle to be wider than the windows on the sides. When you want to hang curtains on the bay window, consider making homemade curtain rods to fit your style and match your decor.

Buy three small bay window curtain rods from your local home improvement store or to fit each window. Paint the eyebrows to match your home decor. For example, if you have naturally colored decorations, paint each of the rods in a color that matches your interior colors like brown, tan and ivory. If you have black and white furnishings, paint it black middle rod and two outside poles white.

For added decoration, use stencils to draw the pattern on bay window curtain rods. If the bay window in the kitchen, you have decorated with wine accents, use a grapevine stencil to paint the vine on curtain rods. Adding sparkle to curtain rods in a girl’s bedroom by spraying them with glitter craft spray before you hang them above the windows

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