Popular Cornice Window Treatments in Beautiful Look

Feb 3rd
Cornice Window Treatments Valance
Cornice Window Treatments Valance

Cornice window treatments offer you a lot of choices and gives a beautiful look to window area. Here’s more about these interesting window treatment ideas. For those who are not aware of what exactly ‘cornice’ is, here is answer. A block type frame or molding placed above window frame is known as cornice. In addition to being used on both sides of a window, these are also applicable to other areas such as walls, arches or top of a building to enhance beauty. Material used in cornices of interior design has a lot of possibilities as compared to that in case of outdoor use. This is a block that overlaps top side of window frame. It is closed on all sides expect to bottom.

Flat wooden cornice window treatments are among most popular types. These are simple and best of rustic window treatments. Another popular style is an upholstered cornice; you have a classic appearance and thick fabric that covers basic material taut while this is prepared. Base material is not visible, only substance will be seen throughout cornice. While some choose to have a cornice with matching curtains some go for a contrasting look.

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A bold printed cornice in dark colors, paired with a plain white curtain is sure to look fantastic. Another idea for cornice window treatments is to have shaped bottom. Plain, straight bottoms are not a passe, but you can choose trendy looks curved and designer bottoms. You can get curved, zig-zag and other symmetrical design spans bottom area of a cornice board. You can also decorate cornice with laces and bows in colors praise with provisions of valences, curtains and draperies.

Cornice Window Treatments

Cornice window treatments – The cornice is a decorative wooden box that fits over a window or door. It is mounted either to the wall above the opening, or window, or door casing proper. Cornices have several advantages, including the creation of a finished appearance, incorporating wooden style that matches the rest of the house. A shelf at the top cornice may contain vessels or objects to tie a decorative theme in a room. Cornices cover hardware and curtain rods for window treatments and protect the tops of curtains and drapes of dust.

A simple wooden cornice board that extends to the ceiling is one of the most basic cornice window treatments. It can be covered with fabric or painted to match the decor. Cornice board that is painted to match the walls or molding will cover the top of your curtains or shades, without adding extra design elements to the room. Cover the cornice with fabric that matches your curtains to another simple window treatment.

Cornice window treatments can make or break the design of a room. If you leave the windows bare you run the risk lack the room a finished look. You can add a custom look to a room using angles mantel window. The look is impressive and easier to achieve than you may think. Window cornices can have a common window of the spectacular plains. If used alone or with curtains, they give a finishing touch. Shape, texture, color and design influence the final aspect which can be any stylish thing for fun.



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