Pleasurable Hennessy Hammocks to Traveler

Mar 15th
Used Hennessy Hammocks
Used Hennessy Hammocks

Hennessy hammocks – If you want to travel a lot with your hammock, we recommend using a travel hammock, as they occupy little space and are light (about 600 g). If, on the other hand, you want to use your hammock especially at home or take it to a single place of vacation (and not take it for many places) we recommend that it be decided by a hammock with cotton cloth. Here you can find detailed information on hammocks with and without stick. In general, we recommend choosing a hammock without a bar, unless you are clear that you want a hammock or have a hammock that you want to replace.

A hammock needs a certain surface so that when lying down the person feels good, and can lie both in parallel and diagonal. In particular, the width of the surface is very important for this. Therefore, we offer cloth hammocks in sizes L (210 x 150 cm) and XL (230 x 165 cm). XL is the standard size of a Brazilian hammock. The ideal size to feel good in your hammock is the XL. The advantage of a L-size hennessy hammocks is that it is somewhat shorter. It can be decisive if you have a hammock or a small balcony and something cheaper. It does not matter if you buy the hammock from us or not: do not buy hammocks with a width below 150 cm.

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We offer 3 types of fabric with different quality for our cloth hammocks. Organic cotton, cotton, and recycled cotton. In general, for ecological reasons we recommend choosing a bio cotton hammock or at least 100% authentic. And new cotton with certified dyes. Most of the hammocks available on the market are from recycle cotton from the textile industry. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

Specifically, sleeping with the swing of hennessy hammocks increases the slow oscillations. And the axes or spindles of sleep, which serve as a transition between light and deep sleep. Both records are associated with deep sleep and further consolidation of memory. In addition, individuals who generate more sleep spindles are able to tolerate noise better while they sleep. During rest with a bed movement. It also increased the duration of sleep phase N2. a type of non-fast eye movement that occurs in the middle of a night of restful sleep. In addition, more than half of the participants expressed that the hammock-type nap bed had been more pleasurable.

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