Lets Beginning Paintings on Canvas

Mar 14th
Best Oil Paintings on Canvas
Best Oil Paintings on Canvas

The paintings on canvas are somewhat difficult, but also rewarding. It is a profession that takes the artist inside. Traditionally the fabrics were painted with oil or acrylic, using different forms: loose on a roller, stretched in a frame or glued to a board. The artist’s canvas a fabric that can make of cotton, linen, jute or polyester. Knowing how to work with paint on a canvas, guarantees you a memorable piece of art. Start with choosing a canvas for your artwork. It should be ideal to work with oil or acrylic paint that will be thick. Choose a soft canvas for a clear paint or to use glass techniques. Apply a thin coat of paint to the bottom. Prepare your first canvas with a paint mixture diluted with water and use a large brush.

Choose a focal point for your paintings on canvas. You should not choose the center, as this is not so interesting visually. If you are painting a landscape, choose the focus and then place it one or two inches to the left or right of the center of the canvas, where it will attract the most attention. Draw a sketch of the drawing with a thick pencil. This can be done by hand drawing directly on the canvas or by drawing on a sheet of paper and then transferring you’re drawing to the canvas with transfer paper. Apply your first coat of thicker paint on the drawing, starting at the top of the painting and working down, always one subject at a time. Paint a lighter color on the first layer, as it is still wet and can mix colors.

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Carefully draw strokes, always in the same direction over the top of the layers to add shadows and place reliefs. Do not rub the paint back and forth with your brush. Apply the fine details with a small brush that has a sharp point. If you want to read more articles similar to how to start paintings on canvas, we recommend you to enter our Arts and Crafts category. Tips, canvas boards are available for beginner artists who want to practice their technique. You can also use plain paper or other materials to practice painting freehand, until you have mastered it. Stretching the canvas itself is a fun and less expensive option. Many artist websites offer tips on how to stretch the canvas.

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