Popular Painting Shelves Ideas

Jan 17th
Top Painting Shelves Ideas
Top Painting Shelves Ideas

Painting shelves ideas – You can paint bookshelves made of metal or wood to revitalize an old bookcase or help a regular bookshelf become an outstanding one with a creative color scheme. However, it is important to prepare bookshelves properly before painting them to achieve optimal results. If you do a good job prepping bookshelves, lacquer looks better, and you will be happier with the result. Painting bookshelves are labor intensive and it requires patience to follow the steps required to complete the project.

ideas to painting shelves ideas, wipe bookshelves clean with a cloth of work, remove something stuck on the shelves, such as chewing gum or labels, using a filler. Tighten the screws to ensure that the bookcase is sturdy and in good condition. And also because working on a winding bookcase will make the painting task harder. Screw or place target tape over decorative fittings. Sand every surface of the bookcase, regardless of the material it is made of. You can paint undercoated wood, laminated wood, painted wood, and even metal successfully if you sand the surface first. Use a grinding block, if desired, to make grinding less strenuous. Apply primer about bookshelves, metal is made of laminated wood, or previously painted. Coat all visible areas with a 2 or 3-inch brush or foam brush.

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Painting shelves ideas. Apply the color bookshelves that primed or that do not absorb color when tested, with a high-grade foam brush or brush that guarantees not leaving any brush strips. Avoid color drops by not overloading the paint brush. Do not let paint run, or allow visible paint drops to dry while painting, or if you have to re-sand the area to level the paint after it dries and then paint it. For dark colors or, if desired, cover bookshelves with a second layer of paint once the first layer has dried. Add a protective polyurethane barrier after finishing paint. Choose Matt, satin, semi-gloss or a polished surface of the polyurethane, depending on your preference. After the coat hair has dried, replace all hardware.

Tips and warnings to painting shelves ideas. Test absorbance wood using the color you have chosen by painting a square-foot area on the back of the bookcase, or discreet somewhere. If the paint does not get up in the wood, you can paint bookshelves without primer. Use primer that low odor and water-based. Use color that marked as durable because shelves take a lot of friction when removing items or replacing items. And also use a specialty color for unique finish like a cracked finish, or apply a stain over the final paint layer for an antique, colored look.

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