Best Painting over Wood Paneling

Nov 6th
Traditional Painting over Wood Paneling
Traditional Painting over Wood Paneling

Painting over wood paneling – That wood paneling in your displaced plane cave probably looked pretty groovy with your lava lamp and ground-toned shag rug in 1976. Nowadays panels in a home usually make it look dark and outdated and after three or more decades of wood walls, it is probably time for an upgrade anyways. Whether you have real wood panels or the type of imitation wood grain, the method of painting it is almost the same. Use the right primer and paint, pay attention to detail, and your painted panels will turn on for another 30 years. At some point, wood paneling was a popular choice of wall cladding but thirty years ago today wood panels are outdated and homeowners stand back with one of two choices remove it or paint over it. Both options come with their own set of problems and considerations, but of the two.

Painting over wood paneling. Clean wood panels very well Odds are that panels have been in place for a couple of decades and wood panels have a reputation for collecting grease, dust and oil. Use a heavy cleaning spray to remove dirt. It may require two cleansing for really dirty panels as found in a kitchen. Rinse panels thoroughly Use clean water to get rid of all traces of detergent before painting. The panels can never be too clean. Grinding panels this is especially important if the wood panels have a glossy finish. Use sandpaper to remove the clear layer so the primer will stick to panels. Do not use a steel wool pad for sand panels as it will leave metal wires that will rust under the paint that causes problems down the road when sanding is complete; clean panels again using only a cloth and clean water.

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Apply the primer Use a brush and roll evenly applies primer over wooden panels. If panels are a dark color, use a block out primer. This primer is designed to cover dark surfaces in a layer and it will help prevent panel’s dark color from leaking through primer and paint layer. Let the primer completely dry before applying paint. Painting over wood paneling, apply two layers of your chosen wood tile panels. Two layers are ideal as it helps prevent scratches and stains. If you leave the trim in place and unmasked, mask it with blue painter tape instead of paint tape. Blue ribbon makes a much better job of preventing the bleeding through.

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