Popular Painting Oak Cabinets

Jul 22nd
Top Painting Oak Cabinets
Top Painting Oak Cabinets

Painting oak cabinets – One way to change the appearance of your kitchen is by painting cabinets (cupboards, cabinets) made of wood. Many people like white or cream colors or colonial or country styles. Cabinets can be prepared and painted over a period of 1 to 3 weeks. You should spend a lot of time preparing the wood to ensure a durable and professional finish. Oak and other porous woods require, perhaps, more preparation time. This article will tell you how to paint oak cabinets.

Preparing painting oak cabinets take out one of the cabinet doors and take it to a hardware store that sells paintings. Ask for latex paint booklets at the hardware store, to help you when choosing the color you want. Then scrub the surface of the cabinets with a sponge with a strong detergent mixed with water. Enable a well ventilated workshop where you can leave cabinet doors and drawers as you prepare, paint and wait for them to dry. Then remove all doors and drawers from the cabinets with a screwdriver. And then apply sealing putty with a spatula, if you plan to change the cabinet accessory settings from handles to knobs. Covers the inside edges of the cabinets and the outside edges of the inn. Sand all surfaces you plan to paint with 220 grit sandpaper.

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Painting oak cabinets, paint with an oil based primer (primer) on the surface of the cabinets. Then apply a coat and let it dry for 24 hours. If the hardware professional told you that the surface of the oak has not been properly sealed, you will need to use an extra thick base. For better results rent a compressor from a hardware store to apply the base and paint to the doors and drawers. Otherwise, use small rollers left at home for the surface of the furniture. Lightly sand the surface of the oak already painted with the base with the 220 grit sandpaper.

Apply a layer of latex paint to the doors and drawers with the compressor to paint. Apply 1 to 3 more layers of latex paint. This amount will depend on how well the paint covers the actual finish. Allow the last coat to dry and harden for at least 5 days. Some people wait 2 weeks to make sure the paint is dry and not sticky. If you plan to paint the inside of the doors, wait 5 days before turning them over and repeat the procedure of applying the base and paint. Reinstall drawers and doors with original or new accessories. And then remove the tape along the edges of the cabinet and other surfaces carefully. Boot the plush fabric. Clean your rollers and brushes well.

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