Painting Linoleum Floors for Kitchen

Dec 17th
The Best Painting Linoleum Floors
The Best Painting Linoleum Floors

Painting linoleum floors – A good floor paint job can radically change the appearance of a room. It is a relatively inexpensive way to give new life to an old apartment. Due to the traffic that the floor experiences, which causes wear and tear that other surfaces do not suffer such as walls, cabinets and furniture, it is important that you take certain measures to protect the paint job. When it comes to working with linoleum the smooth surface of this material hinders the adhesion of the paint when it dries. Especially since the floor of a kitchen requires a special job because it is constantly exposed to moisture. With the following instructions you can paint a linoleum floor.

Ideas for painting linoleum floors kitchen, examine the floor to see if it is inacceptable condition to paint it. If you find cracks on the surface you should check that they do not rise easily from its edges. This problem could continue after the painting work, which would ruin everything. If the linoleum is corrugated it is very likely that it is being undone by its lower part. In this case it is advisable to change the floor material.

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Clean the floor. Use a scrub brush and a strong triphosphate cleaning solution (which you can buy at a hardware store or home improvement store) to thoroughly clean the floor and remove any traces of grease and dirt. This is especially important for the paint to adhere to the floor linoleum material. If the floor surface is still shiny, use a degreasing solution or a special starter to remove the top layer of wax from the floor. Rinse the floor to remove any residue from the cleaner you used and allow it to dry completely. Sand the floor. Use an intermediate or fine grain sandpaper to scrub the floor surface before painting the linoleum. You must sand the entire surface, including corners and edges. This will remove any traces of wax that you are not able to see and the surface will be rough for the paint to adhere tightly.

Apply base paint. Choose a base coat that specially formulated for use on floors. Use rollers and brushes to complete the application of the base. Apply the layers that are necessary to produce a smooth surface that is ready to apply the final paint. Allow base paint to dry thoroughly according to manufacturer’s instructions. This could take a few days. Painting linoleum floors. Use a roller for wide surfaces and brushes for corners and edges. For linoleum flooring you must use an acrylic paint for floors or an epoxy resin layer.

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