Painting Knotty Pine Cabinets Design

May 5th
Wonderful Painting Knotty Pine Cabinets
Wonderful Painting Knotty Pine Cabinets

Painting knotty pine cabinets add a country or rustic feel to a kitchen and often make small and cozy kitchens feel. If you want a more contemporary or brighter kitchen, but you cannot afford to replace your kitchen cabinets, a layer of white paint is an economical and simple solution. The process of painting kitchen furniture is not very different from painting any other surface. When working with pine wood, it is important to fully prepare the wood or run the risk of knots showing through the paint and marring the new elegant paint job.

Wash the cabinets using a cloth or sponge and soap and warm water to remove grease and accumulated dirt to painting knotty pine cabinets; if the cabinets are particularly dirty, you may need to use a brush and a product designed to remove grease. If the cabinets are dirty, the new paint will not adhere properly. Allow the cabinets to dry. Remove the hardware and hinges from the cabinet. Store them in a plastic bag if you are going to use the same hardware again. At the back of each cabinet door, mark the location of the box with a note on a piece of tape. This ensures that each cabinet door is returned to the correct location.

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Fill the hardware holes with wood putty if you are going to use new hardware that does not fit the existing holes. Add additional putty to the pine knots to fill the cracks. This ensures a smooth paint finish. Allow the putty to dry according to package directions. And then sand the wood caulk after it has dried to avoid knocks on the finished cabinets. If the cabinets have a glossy finish, sand the entire surface to allow priming and painting to adhere. Then add a layer of acrylic primer for the cabinets with a roll of wool or polyester. The primer allows the paint to adhere, and helps cover the knots of the wood. Allow the primer to dry.

Then to painting knotty pine cabinets, paint the cabinets with white latex paint using a roller. Allow the first coat to dry, and add a second coat to ensure even coverage. Wait at least three days before hanging the cabinet doors again. If the humidity is high, wait five days for the paint to dry completely. Trying to hang the cabinets before the paint is completely dry will damage your new paint. Reset cabinets using old hinges, or replacements if desired. Replace cabinet hardware.

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