Ideas Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Feb 29th
Perfect Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black
Perfect Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Painting kitchen cabinets black can brighten up your kitchen and convey a sense of openness. However, if your existing cabinets are a dark color. Turning them to immaculate white requires more than just a coat of paint. Plan your project for a while when you can move the entire contents of your cabinets for at least a few days. Between cleaning, priming and painting, the cabinets will have to dry completely. Remove the cabinet doors and drawers, using a screwdriver and remove the hinges and pulls. All painted surfaces with a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate (TSP). TSP is available in DIY centers and hardware stores. As directed on the mixing container and vigorously rub the solution into the cabinets to remove any trace of grease and dirt. Let the cabinets dry completely.

Sand cabinet base, doors and drawers with 100 grit or a sanding block foam to remove the gloss coat of painting kitchen cabinets black. For the new paint to adhere correctly. It is imperative that you hit the surface gloss. Change to a fine or 220 grit, sandpaper or sanding block foam to soften the cabinet base, front doors and drawers for painting. Sand only in the direction of the wood grain. If you can not know how the grain works. Sand up and down on the closet doors and on the base of the cabinet and sand from side to side on the drawer fronts. Prepare a dust-free zone. Sweep, vacuum, close doors and windows and use a sticky cloth to clean all cabinet surfaces to remove any residual dust.

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Painting kitchen cabinets black, apply a thin layer of primer wood base light, block stain to all cabinet surfaces. A quality brush, and goes from feather to your brush strokes very slightly drawing the tip of the bristles on the wet primer to match the surface and eliminate. Allow the primer coat to dry and sand lightly on the primed surface with very fine 400-sandpaper to remove minor imperfections. Such as dust settled on the wet and glued primer. Then, apply another thin layer of primer. Allow drying and sanding once more, if necessary.

Clean on the first coat of enamel or white paint of the quality kitchen. Apply a thin layer to reduce the risk of balloons or racing. Once you start painting a section, such as a drawer front or a door. Complete entire section before taking a break. Starting again after the paint dries can produce visible marks of the turn. Sand with 400 grit sandpaper before applying at least one finer layer of final paint. Let the final coat of paint dry completely before you place the doors and drawers.


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