Painting Ceramic Tile as the Redesigning Procedure

Nov 4th
Painting Ceramic Tile with Chalk Paint
Painting Ceramic Tile with Chalk Paint

Painting Ceramic Tile – The different environments where walls and floors with tiles or ceramics. Such as bathrooms or kitchens are protect. They can also paint with special paints to change their overall color or in some decorative way. When you buy or remodel a house, one of the most important aspects to consider are the tiles. An old, worn or poorly painted tile can give the appearance of a sloppy or dirty house. But you do not necessarily have to change the tiles for new ones. If they are not chip or broken you can paint them at home without problems. We only recommend that you use these tips to paint those. That do not receive moisture, that is, do not paint the bathroom. For painting ceramic tile better hire a professional who uses paint against moisture.

Since it is a very smooth surface and practically no porosity in which the new paint can be taken. The product that will apply must be specially formulated for this type of materials. Two-component epoxy paint, it is prepared at the time of application. As the liquid state of the paint can last from a few hours to 2 days, after this time the paint cannot be used. Synthetic enamel for ceramic surfaces, lately this is the material that many brands are producing especially to paint this type of surfaces, is the most recommended for such painting ceramic tile work. Synthetic ceramic finish enamel, this material may or may not be suitable for work on ceramic surfaces. Its main feature is the type of ultra-bright and super washable finish. That can give to materials that are not, perfectly imitating the ceramic.

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We get rid of the annoying task of sanding. And we will concentrate on leaving the surface as clean as possible. It must be free of soap, grease, fungi, and anything that may affect the adhesion of the material to be applied. To achieve this you can use a detergent mainly in the kitchen, and then wash with muriatic acid, bleach or alcohol. The acid should be rinsed with plenty of water. The hands, the necessary ones to cover, usually two. Sometimes the colors of ceramic tiles and tiles in the bathroom or kitchen are no longer beautiful as we saw before and we decided to change the color to a concrete wall. A more decorative way to use this painting ceramic tile is in the making of stripes, guards or drawings with insoles. And also, other decorative motifs.

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