Painting Cement Floors Ideas of New Style

Sep 16th
Stencils for Painting Cement Floors
Stencils for Painting Cement Floors

Painting Cement Floors – Soils or cement floors become more common in many new constructions. There are those who like to leave them natural to give a modern and industrial touch to their home. But if you want to decorate, it will be very useful to know how to paint cement floors. As in any other work of these characteristics. Before applying the paint, we will begin by preparing the surface. It is very important to check that the floor cement is perfectly dry (if recently installed). And that there is no water seepage. Once painting cement floors are done, the whole floor will be thoroughly clean.

Cement cleaners usually produce toxic vapors, so it is advisable to try to ventilate as much as possible. The workspace as well as covering the mouth and nose with a mask to avoid breathing the aforementioned vapors. Once the floor has dried after cleaning it is time to check for cracks or damage. In case they exist they would have to be repair with the help of a spatula and some cement. Now we would be ready to paint the floor. The first step is to protect the corners of the walls with body tape so that when painting the floor we do not stain them. Once this is done, you can start apply the primary painting cement floors that will serve as a base.

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We will begin to paint the perimeter of the floor with the aid of a brush, trying not to stain the walls, and then, with the help of the roller, we will paint the central zone. It is important that after apply this first layer of paint, the dry times of the manufacturer are respect so that before give the second coat we are sure that the floor is ready to receive more paint. Usually, cement floors need two to four coats of paint to present a good finish. It is important that the layers are thin, as this improves the adhesion of the pigment. Once the last coat of paint is apply and the floor is thoroughly dry, another two layers of clear epoxy paint will be apply, which will help give a better look to our work, and finally, we will apply two to three layers of masonry as a protection. If you follow these tips on painting cement floors you can give a different touch to your house quickly, simply and cheaply.

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