To Prepare Painting Cedar Siding and Paint It

Nov 15th
Replacement Painting Cedar Siding
Replacement Painting Cedar Siding

Cedar siding has natural chemicals built to make it resistant to advice and decay. But if you want to extend your cedar siding life, then you need to apply a sealer and paint. The secret to keeping seals and paint from peeling your house is in prep work. By taking the time to clean the cedar siding, seals stick to the tree to protect it. By using seals and paint, you protect the cedar siding from the effects of moisture damage. The lifetime of finishing on cedar siding can be shortened if there is any deterioration or any discoloration from the sun, water stains, dirt or mildew. Painting cedar siding can be done when the siding after it has been weathered or even if it new.

However, newer cedar will accept the paint faster than weathered cedar wood. If you follow some simple preparation steps, painting cedar siding is a relatively easy home improvement task. To prepare painting cedar siding, starting with survey of siding. To determine the amount of preparation that will be required before you start painting, please examine the cedar siding. Unfinished siding will require only grinding. Painted siding will require you to scratch old paint before any grinding can be done. Step 2, removing old paint. Use your scraper to remove any loose paint from cedar wood siding.

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You can also use a high pressure cleaner for this step. It is important to be careful when using high-pressure spools. Be sure not to leave the nozzle in one place too long. Or to apply too much water pressure, because it may accidentally leave recesses in the tree. Step 3, grinding side groove. Use sandpaper for rough cedar siding. This will allow paint to last better. Be sure to use one-quarter sandpaper for this step. Secure sandpaper to sanding block. Meanwhile to do to prepare painting cedar siding, starting with clean the cedar siding. These clean is with a power clamp at least full painting two days before.

Allow the painting cedar siding 24 to 48 hours to dry. Next, gets any damage cedar siding. Destroyed or missing pieces replace completely new siding. Holes can filled with wood based filler. After that, select paint with an alkyd oil based primer for protection from discoloration. Latex paint can protect cedar siding or use the stain instead. And the last, apply the primer and allow it to dry. Use a paint sprayer or brush. Once the primer has specified apply paint to the cedar siding. Thicker paint cannot work your paint sprayer, so check the spray specifications before painting.

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