Simple Way to Painting Brick Fireplace

Feb 14th
White Painting Brick Fireplace
White Painting Brick Fireplace

I love the brick walls seen because they are timeless, perfectly adapted to modern, traditional or eclectic environments and also bring a lot of personality to any stay. When painting them you have to take into account the particular characteristics of the brick, so do not miss all these keys to painting brick fireplace correctly. The exposed brick is a construction material that is manufacture to be place both indoors and outdoors without any coating. That is, as with the tile, is not a material that in principle is thought to be paint. Giving a layer of paint to a brick wall is a simple way to change the look of a room.

If you are attract by the quality of texture that the brick brings to a room. But you think the color is not quite suitable, try to give a new air to your wall with a touch of color. Find out how to get a perfect finish. It is important to start with a clean canvas. Before painting brick fireplace, Thoroughly clean the brick wall with a scrub brush or hard bristle brush and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining mortar or dust. Wipe the surface with a soapy wet cloth and let it dry for 12 hours. Do you see any crack in the bricks or cement joints? If so, use a mastic [Multipurpose Preparation + • Acrylic Satin Enamel] and follow the drying instructions on the packaging.

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Then apply a coat of primer and a first coat that is suitable for bricks with a medium or long hair roller. The rougher the brick surface, the longer the hair should be. Apply the primer coat with a brush on all joints where the roller can not reach. Allow the time to dry before you start painting; If in doubt, consult the drying instructions.

Use a special acrylic paint for interiors and painting brick fireplace wall. Just as you would paint any interior wall, with the same roller you used for the primer coat. If the space you are painting is connect to a different wall or ceiling. You should trim the edges and corners with a brush to achieve a professional look. Uncover brick is more porous than a normal plaster wall. So you will need at least two layers to achieve a uniform finish. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the backs. We recommend not applying more than four layers.

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