Painting Bathroom Cabinets Instructions

Dec 2nd
Stained Painting Bathroom Cabinets
Stained Painting Bathroom Cabinets

The bathrooms are among the most private areas. But they are also the common show when we have overnight guests or entertain. If the painting bathroom cabinets look a little shabby or tired, peek them up with a shiny new coat of paint. It’s a job you can finish on a weekend and enjoy the years to come. Firstly, starting with purchase paint and primer. If the cabinet is made out of lumpy or has stains that can bleed through new paint. Buy a stain-suppress or “barrier” primer. You must choose between oil-based and latex paint. Latex paint is a good choice.

Because it dries quickly, is mold resistant, low odor and cleans up with water. Choose a glossy or satin enamel painting bathroom cabinets for extra durability. Prepare the work area. These by adding painting drop cloths or newspapers to the floor and some nearby furniture. Remove all doors for kitchen furniture, drawers, shelves and hardware, with a screwdriver. Clean all surfaces to be painted. Most bathroom cabinets come clean with a general household cleaner. Very dirty or sticky surfaces, you can use tri-sodium phosphate (TSP). TS are a strong chemical. So be sure to carefully follow all instructions for use.

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Rinse all surfaces with water and allow them to dry thoroughly. Scrape all loose or floss paint, use paint scrapers. Fill some deep scratches or dents with three sparkles or kittens, use a sparkle. Wipe any excess putty away. When the putty is dry, sand the surface smooth with fine sandpaper (180-grain). Sand all surfaces you plan for painting bathroom cabinets. This will create a “teeth” or coarse surface. So primer and paint will follow properly. Use 150 or 180 grain grinding paper. Remove all dust from the cabinet surfaces with a cloth or damp cloth. Tape of any adjacent surfaces or fixtures that you do not want to accidentally painted.

Prime doors for kitchen furniture, shelves and drawers. Apply a thin layer of primer and let them dry. Prime on the inside of the cabinet, if you plan to paint it. Let them dry. Apply your first coat of painting bathroom cabinets to the doors, drawers and shelves. Use long and even brush strokes and apply a thin coat of paint. Re coat when the first paint layer has completely dried. Apply a layer of paint inside the cabinet, if applicable. Re coat reaches dry. Reattach cabinet doors and install trays, shelves and hardware when the paint is fully cured. Latex paint can take 14 – 30 days to cure completely. Cure times are displayed on paint can.

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