Trendy Painting Accent Walls

May 4th
Themed Painting Accent Walls
Themed Painting Accent Walls

Painting accent walls – I love houses with walls painted, but truth is that when it comes to mine, I always fear and always finish in sand, beige and white. And it gives me a lot of courage, because I would love to be super-launched and paint a whole wall and give it another air, but nothing, I get funk and I cannot. I suppose that not having a house too big also made me back, or that is excuse that I always find to excuse myself for being so little launched in that sense. Perfect choice for “clutches” like me. By painting half, you take away thorn of doing something, without feeling burden of whether it will be too much, it will tire you right away or if it will look good .

Also personally I like very much as it remains, simulating a socket. I love dark colors, although once again. I become somewhat of a pain and I end up going to easy and light colors. One day I will have a large flat and very bright and I will get rid of all my ghosts. That although you see me somewhat quiet, it continues its course, but calmly. Another good option to painting accent walls in half or a little more, is that it can act as a headboard and dispense with a physical one. An idea also to take very into account, although in my case, for our room, I am more determined to put nice wallpaper. But that gives for another chapter.

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Thanks to painting we can even create our own spaces. Painting what we want to highlight or delimit in some way. Create a frame, extend color of wall to furniture, pictures. Even doors and integrate them into room, give theatricality to rooms. Triangles, diagonals, mixture of shapes, mountains . Also geometric motifs are a very helpful resource, which completely changes a room.

Who said that only walls are painted? Roof can also be included, or even painted in place of walls. A trend that is increasingly seen. Finally, include a latest trend I’ve seen a lot for Pinterest (who knows everything) that is to painting accent walls in half. But instead of making perfect cut, leave it to broaches, as if half finished. I leave it there. There are three color ranges of this new ecological painting of Titanlux : Nordik with pastel colors, Retro. With darker colors, more personal and risky and Classic , for those who do not play it. A range of colors that combines with all styles and types of decoration.

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