Painting A Door: Very Easy To Apply!

Jan 2nd
Yellow Painting a Door
Yellow Painting a Door

Painting a door – Are you thinking of renovating the appearance of a door in your house? Yes! That one that is already a little old or the one that has a lot of dog scratches or the one that simply, you do not like its color anymore. Well come on, that today I give you a lot of ideas. If you want it in a single color, you have two escape routes: go for some soft pastel type or, on the contrary, decanters for a more vivid, more cane color. Like those who painted in Painting without Stop for his workshop.  Which fits best with your personality? Before starting to paint, it is advisable to apply one or two coats of primer, to prevent paint from falling or to jump at the slightest touch.

Once the two primer coats are apply, make a second sanding with a fine-grained sandpaper (varnish sandpaper ) for a finer finish. If only one color seems bland … Do you cheer up with two? Divide the door with a diagonal to the height that you want and apply the color scheme that you like. And if you feel like complicating your life a little more, here are two very cool (and fairly simple) ideas. You only need bodyguard tape for reservations, painting a door and imagination.

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The most cumbersome thing to paint with a pistol in a closed place like your house … is that you have to protect everything that is around the area to paint . Because as you can imagine … the fog that the gun creates when painting is great. And if you do not want to have a disgust . It is better that you cover everything that you do not want that you can get to paint.

To make this combination, apply a first coat of paint and let it dry thoroughly. Then paste the body tape and apply the second paint. Eye! Remember to remove the seal that you use to make the reserve when the paint is still a bit wet. Eespecially if it is a painting a door that makes skin.  If not, you’ll take the painting back. And if you want to paint double-leaf doors, look what ideas. They look very nice! Whether you’re looking for a satin finish or an exterior door, EggShell is your best bet. It is a super resistant paint, special for furniture and surfaces of high wear. And very easy to apply!

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