Easy Steps of Painting a Concrete Floor Ideas DIY

Dec 31st
Painting a Concrete Floor indoors
Painting a Concrete Floor indoors

Painting a Concrete Floor – Learn a simple technique to improve the look of that old concrete floor, and leave your home luxurious for very little money. Painting a concrete floor will be a simple way to improve your appearance for very few coins. You do not even need to hire the services of a professional to turn that old entrance into a true work of art that you can walk every day, all you need is to have the right materials, apply some patience at work, and leave fly your creativity. Learning this technique will allow you to turn that insipid gray into an explosion of color, to simulate carpets and original designs thanks to the use of stencils, or even to paint freely. Besides, it’s great to disguise those little imperfections that are so obvious.

Follow these simple painting a concrete floor instructions to leave your concrete floor as a true focal point of beauty and originality. Firstly, it releases the floor of furniture and elements of any type. With paper (painter) tape, it protects baseboards, walls. And all sectors that you do not want to paint (for example, vents, vents, etc.). Using the washer, or water, detergent and brush with firm bristles, clean the floor vigorously, to remove loose dirt, adhering dirt, grease, and stains. Let it dry. Already dry, prepare a paint tray with enamel for floors or with paint on the slate, using a nylon roller and a brush for the perimeter. Apply a light coat, always starting from the farthest area to the entry point and choosing a warm day to do the homework. Leave to dry for the recommended time on the container.

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Then apply a second coat of paint to achieve a splendid finish. Furthermore, in the design of painting a concrete floor you want. For example, pass a flat layer to achieve a simple and elegant color. Then create patterns with a stencil by placing the designs in their places. By the use of the paper tape to assert them. And with brushes and sponges to apply the different colors of your design. Remove the stencils and place them in your new destination very carefully. But not to move the painting. Remove the patterns and let them dry. Apply the decorative technique you want, such as mopping, sponge, etc. And combine the tones that best fit your design.

And finally the last step of painting a concrete floor is dry the decorative layer. Apply the protective lacquer chosen, leaving your concrete floor shiny, semi-gloss or matte, to your liking. Again; use a side brush, a foam roller for the surface. And start the application from the most distant point to the entrance door.

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