Easiest Instructions for Painting a Brick Fireplace

Feb 26th
Tips for Painting a Brick Fireplace
Tips for Painting a Brick Fireplace

Painting a Brick Fireplace – Not all brick fireplaces are made equal. Sometimes, your perfect environment has a fireplace that has no other name to describe it as horrible. One of the projects for the home to do it yourself more effective and less expensive is to paint the bricks of a chimney. This activity can significantly improve the style of your environment if you do it correctly. Just remember, painting a fireplace can be easy to achieve, but removing paint from a brick fireplace may need professional help.

Clean the bricks with a brick cleaning liquid the place you want to painting a brick fireplace. It is important to get rid of old dirt and soot. Follow the instructions on the package to know how to apply the liquid and clean the surface. Be very careful not to damage the mortar. Let the bricks dry well before painting. Remove doors and fireplace screen. It is a good opportunity to clean and paint them if necessary. If they are embedded, cover them with a plastic sheet and painter’s tape to protect them from the paint.

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Place painter’s tape where the painting a brick fireplace are joined to the wall so does not paint. Fill any breakage or damage with any sealant or waterproofing compound you can paint on. Paint the fireplace with an oily-based masonry paint base to make sure the paint does not stain. This also makes the paint flow easier. Use a brush to make sure you reach all the holes, including the mortar. Let it dry thoroughly. Choose a fine paint of high quality with the oily base. The paint is not designed to be heat resistant. A thin paint will be less prone to blistering and will also better cover porous bricks. If you do not use your fireplace as a heat source, then any paint will work.

Apply the paint with a roller for porous surfaces. Keep the brush close to help you when you need to reach the gaps between the bricks and mortar. You will need to put the paint in one of the cracks. To cover the bricks in general you need three layers of paint. Now you have a brick stove that also needs some care, you can also use this painting a brick fireplace. It will be such economic ideas for you. And of course, you can do it by yourself. If you use the fireplace, then avoid water paint. It blisters with the heat and the thin layer does not adhere well to the bricks.

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