Special Ideas Painted Wood Paneling

Apr 25th
White Painted Wood Paneling
White Painted Wood Paneling

Painted wood paneling is becoming a fashion that we have to take very seriously. In past, cladding in wooden walls was typical of classic dwellings, whose finishes with moldings and varnishes finished very refined and elegant houses. Wood has also been widely used in offices and public offices, with same objective as I said before, to show elegance and seriousness. However, they were no longer using woods in decoration of walls since keeping this type of decoration is very expensive.

We have to keep in mind that wood has to be maintain every year. It cannot be more than two years without a coat of varnish to maintain its color finish. But in addition, woods are very easily damage. If moisture appears on a wall, paneling undergo a deformation force you to change whole cloth to return to its original state. And that’s not worst, is not likely to get same ending as rest of room as weather influences color of wood. But we are back to present. Now use of wood to cover walls is quite different. Now all kinds of woods are used: untreated woods, lacquered woods, woods of different color…

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And it is not sought to decorate houses with purpose of transmitting elegance or seriousness. But to give uniqueness to a stay. I’m going to teach you a few examples so that you take note. And decorate a wall of your house with wood and you get to have a house of most singular. White painted wood paneling? As it could not be otherwise, this is my favorite. As I told you before, it is about decorating walls of wood. But regardless of color or finish. It is about bringing uniqueness to house. Decorating walls of white wood you get that naturalness that brings wood to decoration. But also you get that your rooms do not lose even a little light.

Natural light is queen of decoration and to take care of it there is nothing better than having all walls white. Is not this a great opportunity to get light and uniqueness in your home? I have already said that walls of white wood are my favorite, so I cannot choose these. But it is certainly another option that I like most when decorating a painted wood paneling. Decorating a wall with untreated wood brings a vintage. And rural touch to any of rooms you want to decorate. But like everything else, if you use it right you can get great things.

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