How to Painted Oak Cabinets

Jan 1st
Painted Oak Cabinets Fresh
Painted Oak Cabinets Fresh

The truth is painted oak cabinets a shade of the rainbow and looks good under the right circumstances. Choosing a color should be based on many factors, including the style of the home, the preference of the owner and whether the home will be sold in the near future. Plus, painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets can save money and promote green living, especially if the existing cabinets are in good shape.

Pink, Gray or black

Pink is a feminine color, but it can also be shocking. When used correctly, it can look amazing on painted oak cabinets. Hot pink or light pink cabinets can be paired with silver or black appliances and off-white walls for a visually appealing look. Pink cabinets also pair well with shades of blue or gray. Those looking for a more traditional look can choose a light gray or even a dark slate gray or black color for painted oak cabinets. These shades can create a traditional, elegant or elegant look for the room. Shades of brown undertones can be paired with white marble or granite and brushed silver or gold hardware for a polished look. On the other hand, they can pair with bold base colors like red, yellow or blue for a more modern look. Black and gray look good in either a matte or eggshell finish.

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White and orange

Just like gray and black, white can be appealing to those looking for a more traditional or clean-feeling kitchen. White is especially ideal for owners who are considering selling the home within a few years. White painted oak cabinets, whether used in the bathroom or the kitchen, can be paired with success with any color, which is a neutral shade. Surprisingly, orange can be painted on cabinet and displayed visually appealing to the right person. Orange works well in either a matte finish or a high gloss eggshell finish. When paired with wall shades of gray or white, orange cabinetry can look ultra-modern. When paired with shades of blue, red, pink or yellow, it can look more playful.

Yellow and green

Yellow cabinets can be a bit more versatile than orange or pink cabinets. Yellow comes in a multitude of shades, so the right shade can be used as a neutral. On the other hand, a more fat shadow, such as neon yellow or mustard yellow, can feel modern. Yellow is also light paired with other colors, including white, black, gray, green and blue. Green is another versatile choice for kitchen cabinets. Minty green cabinets can work well in a retro style kitchen while olive shades may be more suitable for a traditional kitchen, with pastel greens working well in shabby chic cuisine. Green pair well with many colors, including silver, yellow, blue, black and white.

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