Redecorating Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for New Look

Feb 7th
Pictures of Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Pictures of Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Renewing house painting is always a fun thing, if we discount the furniture revolution. The disbursement of money and the stains on the floor of which there is always some. And if this is so in rooms that are easier to paint the living room. Imagine what it will be to redecorate the kitchen. But do not die in the attempt, here we will advise you how to paint the kitchen furniture. In the most practical and simple, so you can perform this task in a short time and with few headaches.

First of all, you should know that painting the kitchen furniture is not a moderately easy task. But not very fast, as it will probably take several days to give a new color to all the painted kitchen cabinet ideas. The first thing to do before painting the kitchen furniture is to remove all the drawers. And also the doors of the cabinets and cabinets, for which you must unscrew them and remove the hinges. With this, we will obtain a simpler stage in which to work when we are going to paint. As well as allow us to better paint the doors and fronts of drawers separately. Which are usually the most visible parts of the furniture. Now proceed to clean the kitchen furniture of any trace of dust, as well as grease or any other substance, for which you can use a damp sponge and a little degreasing detergent. If it is one specific for woods, much better.

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Then fill the gaps and damages the painted kitchen cabinet ideas. For this, we will need a primer or mastic that we will use to fill any holes, grooves or cracks. That may be in the wooden furniture. And thus create a uniform and more receptive surface of the painting. With this we mean to sand all the surfaces that we are going to paint. To remove the old painting and to soften the patches of primer that we put. In addition, with this process that we will make with fine sandpaper. We will be able to obtain a surface much more adheren. And that will allow fixing to the painting of a better form.

It is time to paint the furniture, for which we will use acrylic paints and finishing brushes, or even a small roller. Start by placing a thin layer of paint, which, once dry, will complement with a second and even a third layer of color if necessary. When at the end of one or two days the kitchen furniture has completely dried, you can reassemble them in their respective places. And remember that this process usually takes time, so it is best to start remodeling painted kitchen cabinet ideas, and when they are ready, start with the following.

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