Painted Front Doors Colors and Feng Shui Meanings

Nov 13th
Wooden Painted Front Doors
Wooden Painted Front Doors

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of “geomantics” where a space is configured to harmonize decor with spiritual powers living in space. Feng Shui is meant to create energy. And also flow through your home and increase your health and happiness. All aspects of your home are said to be influenced by feng shui. And especially at the front door. Typically in China, painted front doors to the south, that is why they are red. But in America our doors face many different directions so that the color of the front door will be different. Mouth of Ch’i; Your front door is what is known as the Mouth of Ch’i.

The Ch’i is the energy flowing throughout the home. Your painted front doors is where Ch’i primarily enters. This means that all factors, including color and location of the door, are important in optimizing Ch’i. Door use; Be sure to use the front door more than another door. This will optimize Ch’i. If you have a side door, block it with bushes or trees. So visitors will know which one is the front.  After time the door will start to decline and can chip. Painting a new coat with the color will energy your Ch’i instead of making it boring, like the previous color of the door. Color; The direction the door faces will be a big factor for what color you should paint it.

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North-facing painted front doors shall be a dark color such as blue, black or white. Doors that meet the northeast should be orange, purple or yellow. East-facing doors are best in green, blue or turquoise. South facing doors shall  red, pink or purple. Doors facing west must be pink, peach, apricot or orange. Doors facing west and northwest should be either gold, silver, yellow or white. Each direction is linked to either yin and yang. And these color choices ensure balance between yin and yang. Materials; In feng shui, the balance of earthly materials is important.

For this reason, matters the color of the door that makes the material the door is made of. Doors facing north, east, southeast, and south should all made of wood. Other doors maybe made of metal or whatever other material you want. Consideration; Although these are standard colors for the different directions, there is a chance that the door will be something different. A professional feng shui consultant can tell you exactly what other factors actually violate your Ch’i and how to solve them. Keep the painted front doors in good condition at all times as it is a portal for your home. So,

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