Beautiful Painted China Cabinet

Apr 19th
White Painted China Cabinet
White Painted China Cabinet

Painted china cabinet – I’m sure you already know that painted furniture is very much in the style of these days. Many people are still applying the paint to old pieces of wood, covering up the beautiful old wood. A cupboard is a platform in the kitchen where kitchen utensils are stored and cooked. Cabinet of cabinet, cabinet, desk function and all kinds of hardware accessories. The closet is mostly wood and it is a storage cabinet for placing tableware, food, foreign wine and so on. Ambry uses brightness often higher color co-location, can make kitchen furniture shows clean, cheerful atmosphere, ambry high quality beautiful.

It’s a lot of fun, and it can be very easy, too. What style do you want to create? Do you want your piece of furniture to be elegant and modern, capricious, funky, beachy, vintage, or rustic? If you still do not have a specific style in mind, flip through some magazines, surf the Internet, or visit some stores until you find a style that you like. If you want beachwear, use a cover-up. You can also add some gray or turquoise tufts painted china cabinet. You can also use the templates for headlights, shells, blue crabs, shells, starfish, etc. For rustic pieces, use old boards to make a top plank.

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If you do not have old boards, help some new wood scraping with the nails. And then, pint of different shades of gray, brown and black. To give a look old antique furniture, use a half crunch, sand the paint on some spots, and / or use a dark antiques wax. Just go with your imagination! A great combination for virtually any type of furniture is the paint and decoupage. Decoupage is easy if you are working with small clippings. With smaller pieces, you will not have to worry much about how to get the wrinkles on the decoupage paper. With large pieces of decoupaging, it is easy to end wrinkles if you do not know what you are doing.

One of, if not the most popular paintings for painted furniture now are chalk painting. Chalk paint is a thick paint that adheres to almost any surface without having to do the preparation work like sanding and pickling. The most popular brand of chalk painting is Annie Sloan. I love his painting, but it’s expensive. Chalk painted china cabinet offers a beautiful soft matte finish, but can easily come out. Because of this, you need to have a layer of wax and / or polyurethane once the paint has dried.

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